Is This The Most Beautiful Microwave Ever Created? I Say Yes

The microwave is an appliance without glory. You throw in your bag of un-popped kernels, some leftover Chinese food, whatever. Your slop is reanimated by The Power of the Atom, and you save time. But this microwave is different.

Why's it different? Mostly because it'll be the best looking thing in your kitchen, and maybe your entire house, unless you're rich, in which case you probably have lots of expensive and nice thing. But let's think about how lovely this Exxcel Compact microwave oven by Bosch is.

The good nouns:

• "Exxcel" (sounds good)

• Compact (more space in your kitchen for food and knives)

• Touch control (like an iPhone)

• Electronic clock timer (don't be late for work)

• 900W maximum microwave power (hot food)

The thing also looks like the forthcoming Apple HDTV ought to look -- plus it cooks food, unlike the forthcoming Apple HDTV. The flat black plane, the knobs, the subtle buttons -- this thing is gorgeous. All appliances should be beautiful, even the cheap ones, because we have to live with them -- and things we have to live with should be beautiful. It's good for us. Unfortunately it costs $US700 and is only available in the UK. Bosch: please sell this in Australia and for less money. [Bosch via Appliancist]



    Sheesh Sam, Marry it why don't ya!! ;)

    It does look beautiful. Are you sure it's sold in the UK in US dollars? Or should that be £700?

    See I wouldn't buy it cause it's only 900watts. I don't understand why so many microwaves are still 900w when you can get 1200+ and always have been able to. Cooking guidance is also based on 1200w I think with recepies.

      every microwave guide i have read (in australia) assumes 1000w, but tells you to adjust for your microwave. i dont know why their are different power ratings - they all seem similar sized, no matter the rating.

      Most recipes seem to quote 1000w times.

    With that description, Apple will have a patent lawsuit up in no time.

      Doesnt Apple have a patent on Rectangles with rounded corners ?

    I wish they would put some effort into making a stylish freestanding microwave. All the good looking ones are built in. No good to me unfortunately. While we're on the subject of microwaves, I wish they would make one with a less obnoxious alert sound. Is it really necessary to beep looong annoying beeps at 6am when my porridge is cooked?! The oven doesn't make a sound and there's much more risk of things burning so why does the microwave need to make so much damn noise. I've seriously considered opening the thing up and cutting the cable to the buzzer. arggh, microwave rage

      I got my Samsung one because I can turn the sounds off. It was the only model that had that feature when I bought it a couple of years ago.

      Lots of devices do that unfortunately, i have a cooler that makes a loud obnoxious beep when you press and button and really long obnoxious beep when turning it on or off (which is great when you dont wanna wake up the person next to you)

      I remember seeing a article here i think it was, about a microwave that coudl be setup with an MP3 as a alert tone.

      I'd like a microwave with wifi connectivity so you can check the timer from anywhere in the house, and have your phone beep at you when its done (ultimate lazyness, but also a stove/oven that can be controlled by wifi).

    I like the assumption that rich people have a lot of nicely designed stuff... That's actually extremely rare.
    It doesn't take money to get a lot of nice things, just taste and intelligence, although money does help.
    This has a nice flat glass look. Not an exceptional look, but it's pleasing enough.

    Hate to be the one to do this, but 'compact' is an adjective.

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