Is The iPhone 5 Out In The Wild?

Somewhere, maybe even right now, someone is already using the iPhone 5. At least that's what this screenshot would have you believe.

TechCrunch says an anonymus developer noticed an "iPhone 5,2" device pop up on their server logs, which means the next Apple handset is being tested as we speak. Which makes sense, as it's almost certainly launching next month.

And no, the "iPhone 5,2" thing doesn't mean it's going to be called the iPhone 5. It's not. That's just how Apple names things internally -- the iPhone 4 was iPhone 3,1. [TechCrunch]



    Shouldn't an Apple employee be "losing" one in a bar right about now?


    yeah , lose one in the bar and get the cops involved to search the person's house who accidentally picked it up....


    I've heard Samsung phones are now not only selling more but are better smart phones than the iPhone. Wondering about ditching my 4S, not going with a 'yawn' slightly modified 5 but with Samsung... Apple I think you are about to lose ground without the late great visionary that was Steve Jobs!

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