iPhone 5 Parody Commercial Is Inspired By Us

My iPhone isn't so much a phone as it is an SMS and email device, which is to say I talk on the phone not nearly often enough to warrant calling it that. But, hey, the name seems to have stuck.

The next most popular use of the iPhone is probably to snap food pics and post them on Instagram. Web video artist Adam Sacks produced this silly, iPhone 5 parody commercial, in which Apple has chosen to eliminate all features except for the camera and boost that up, leaving you with what is a pretty solid DSLR camera that just so happens to be called an iPhone. Heh. Perfect for capturing all your lovely culinary successes... and really not much else. [GrubStreet]


    Sad how true this is

    Oh man! No flash on the iphone5? my nokia had a flash in 2006. oh, i see there is a hot shoe mount at the top so you can BUY a flash. apple is always screwing its customers. isheep

    Canon will sue Apple for the iPhone 5 look and feel ;)

    This is already real
    also android flavored.

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