If Fonts Had Voices They'd Sound Like This

In this hilarious video, Jonathan Garcia of The Minute Vlog gave voices to fonts. It's eerily on point -- I always imagined Arial to be a pompous, stuffy guy with an English accent and Comic Sans to be a numbnut.

But I want more! What would Futura sound like? Gotham? I want all fonts to have voices now. I won't be able to unhear and unsee this anymore. [YouTube via Laughing Squid]


    I think he gave voice to the opinions of the various typefaces, rather than to the actual font. I mean, helvetica originated as a neutral typeface in 1957 in order to serve the mainstream, but damn hipsters tightened the kerning and this is what happened. still, a nice video! :)

    That was Arial rounded bold. I'd imagine Times New Roman having a more posh, condescending tone, since its named after the Times of London...

    <3 Georgia.

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