Hydroponic Garden Blends Into Your Kitchen For Year-Round Herbs

If you're not an avid gardener, it's a chore to remember that your indoor plants need regular care and watering. So think of this Urban Cultivator like a personal gardener. Its design blends in with your other kitchen appliances, and it keeps a small herb garden alive and well all year long.

Even if you're constantly buying herbs at the supermarket, with a price tag that starts at $US2200 it will be a long time before the Urban Cultivator pays for itself. But there's nothing quite like fresh chives or rosemary straight from the plant to spice up a dish. And while you won't be growing full-on vegetables in this garden, there's still a wide variety of other edible plant life that will flourish under its artificial lighting. All you need to do is feed it some organic plant food once a week, and the dishwasher-sized appliance takes care of everything else. Now if only they sold one for taking care of children.

[Urban Cultivator via The Awesomer]


    I read the title in a Jamaican accent, gets the implied meaning across well.

    " Its design blends in with your other kitchen appliances, "
    The rest of my kitchen appliances are cheap, white plastic affairs with names like Kambrook or Sunbeam stamped all over them.
    This thing looks way to nice to blend in with that lot.
    On the other hand, those plastic appliances are a hellava lot cheaper.
    You'll also need to add more water to this at some stage as the herbs will drink quite a bit of it once they get going.
    A neat idea, but even a modestly talented DIYer will be able to build one a lot cheaper than $2200.

      Yeah but once you grow your first batch of 'herbs' it will literally pay for itself ;)

        if you knew anything about growing 'herbs' you would know that this is waaay too small to be used for that purpose.

          y'know I'm pretty sure you could just say 'weed' here and noone would arrest you guys.

          -ash you are very much incorrect. Given the right environment (i.e water and light) weed will grow in almost any shaped container.

            thankyou for talking straight Adam. It's really annoying the immature way people carry on in comments on these sorts of stories. 'Herbs' - we know what you mean guys just say it, grow up.

              Then you should have no trouble interpreting what "herbs" means then.
              Get a grip. It does no one any harm to use any term that gets the idea across.
              Or do you have trouble keeping up if the word weed isn't specified?
              Sorry.. maybe I should have said M.A.R.I.J.U.A.N.A.
              Is that suitably clear for you?
              I just hope the "noone" person you mention doesn't try to arrest me now.

    Actually I think the best thing you could grow in that thing is Strawberries. The ultimate munchy fighting fruit.

      Perfect for strawberries. :)
      Just to make it clear for olearymo, ...
      He's referring to that hungry feeling you get when you smoke "Marijuana".

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