HP Touts The 'Unique' Features Of Its Windows 8 Tablet

With Windows 8 just around the corner, HP had been flashing an unannounced tablet in ad as of late. Now they're beginning to acknowledge its existence in no uncertain terms, with some lofty talk.

In an interview with CRN, sales VP John Solomon claims it will use "unique intellectual property.

How mysterious! What could this mythological technology even be? Knowing HP, probably an integrated Laserjet printer. (We kid, we think.) Will the tablet be bogged down by enterprise bulk like the supposedly leaked HP Slate? Hopefully, it'll be something more consumer friendly. [CRN]



    It's probably just the same OS wrapper crap they install on their PCs.

    Wow! Its flat, rectangular and shows graphics and text! I guess apple will claim copyright infringment on this for sure?

      I'm sure they are already gathering the legal team, because I think you are right. is that a bezel? are there squares? or circles? don't you know we own those ideas.

        Well it is kinda trying to piggyback of the iPad's success.

        Wasn't the first, but first one to be successful.

    Did anyone catch TheOnion.com's news video of HP's new 'cloud thing'? Check it out. Priceless.

    "unique intellectual property"

    Dual boot WebOS and Win8?

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