HP Envy X2: This Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet Can Adapt To Any Circumstance

Just as Samsung unveiled a hybrid tablet that docks into a keyboard, HP is doing the same with their 11.6-inch Envy X2. And just like Samsung's Series 5 model, the Envy X2 will come complete with a dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 chipset, two gigabytes of RAM, and 64 gigabytes of storage space. But what's most impressive is how normal it feels as either a laptop or a tablet.

We won't say the Envy X2 is the most beautiful looking creature in the world when it's docked. And the 11.6-inch screen might have felt a tad overwhelming when used as a tablet. But in the brief time spent with the machine, it seemed like little was sacrificed in either category. HP probably could have mailed it in and hidden any design flaws behind the "versatility" advantages it provides, but the tablet is not only light and thin (1.5 pounds as a tablet, 3.1 pounds as a laptop), it's sturdy and responsive. And when it's docked, it isn't much bigger than the average ultrabook.

As a tablet, it has an 8.0 megapixel rear camera and nice, wide viewing angles afforded by the IPS panel. As a laptop it has all the ports a similarly-sized laptop would carry. And because it will use Intel's next-gen Atom chipset, the Envy X2 runs both the Metro and desktop modes of Windows. The two gigs of RAM could possibly be a concern when mulittasking in desktop mode, but it seemed fine in limited use from us. HP has yet to determine pricing for the Envy X2, but expect to see it later this year, close to the Windows 8 launch. [HP]

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