How To Survive A Robot Apocalypse

When robots become sentient, it won't be long until they rebel. But while many a Hollywood movie may convince you that humans will have their luck cut out trying to battle the 'bots, there is an easier way: just add water.

In Randall Monroe's most recent spin-off from his XKCD web comic, each week he takes a look at an interesting "what if?" questions sent in by readers. This week, he tackles a rather thorny issue: "What if there was a robot apocalypse?"

As ever, he's equal parts amusing and intelligent, and in fact the whole post is worth a read. My favourite parts, however, is where he suggests a rather simple way to ward off attacking robots:

Battlebots, on the face of it, seem like they'd be among the most dangerous robo-soldiers. But it's hard to feel threatened by something that you can evade by sitting on the kitchen counter and destroy by letting the sink overflow.

Of course, the bigger the robot, the bigger the water source you need. To the sea! [What if?]



    I'll emp them. Or put them up against the zombies

    If I can buy a cheap battery-powered toy submarine for the bath, somehow I reckon Skynet would figure out a way to make its 'bots watertight.
    A machine intelligence bent on wiping humanity off the face of the Earth would have to be several orders of magnitude *stupider* than a human being to fail.

      but we have hi powerd rifles and will likley have lasers small but powerfull enough to shoot holes in them by the time we make sentient ai

    I for one welcome our new robot overlords

      I'll make sure you're the first to die, traitor ;)

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