How The iPhone 5 Might Look In Your Hand

We have published mockups of Apple's next iPhone before. But these are the definitive ones, showing what the iPhone 5 or whatever it is called would look like in your hand.

And, as it turns out, it looks pretty damn good. In black, the new iPhone is very 1980s, as opposed to the '70s flavour of the current iPhone 4/4S. The two-tone black anodised aluminium is reminiscent of the old AV Sony designs of that decade -- like its first CD player.

The white model is not '80s, but it is prettier than the black. The aluminium and chrome unibody with the white accents have an old-school sci-fi feel. Like an object out of Kubrick's 2001. Somewhere in Cupertino there's a HAL computer powered by an array of these things.

Until you put all your greasy fingers over it, that is. [Nowhereelse -- Thanks Gonzalo!]



    I do not like the two tones back.

      it may grow on you ....

      the back doubles as a Multi-Touch trackpad.

    Apple is a joke.

      A rich, rich, successful, absolutely-loaded-with-success-and-profits, joke.

        Haha yeah. Certain people will always hate anyone or anything that is popular or successful. So predictable. When Apple was the underdog everyone loved them. Now that they're wildly successful, it's no longer 'cool' to like them.

          nah, i hated them even when they were the underdog :)

    I want to see what it "might" look like trying to jam this into the existing dock connector.

    looks like a Samsung. they must have copied the design :)

    "How the iphone 5 might look in your hand" - What, small? Identical to every other iphone? Still outdated? All of the above?

      I want to see what the iThing 12 will look like. Or 13 ... or 14 ..
      Really.. Who cares what it "might" look like.
      Wait until it's out and see what it DOES look like.

    It's the same phone year after year, with slight few improvements. I can't find a single reason to purchase a phone every one, two, three... or even 4 years, they over exaggerate the "increase of performance".

    Don't care what it looks like. It is the only mobile device with low latency audio and midi support. With iOS6 we will also see "inter app" audio. My preferred phone is the Galaxy Note, but until Google addresses audio and midi for mobile musicians I am stuck with iOS.

    This is the New iPhone, not the iPhone 5....
    Piece of crap

    Looks fantastic! Can't wait to get my hands in one. I wasn't a fan of the S3's exterior, felt cheap.

    iPhone 5? Yeah it's already out. This next iPhone will the 6TH generation iPhone, so calling it the iPhone 5 is rather stupid and to whose who realise it'll be the 6th iPhone you look like a bit of a tit calling it the iPhone 5.

    ummm how does this look 80s and the iphone 4s look 70s.... ?
    seems to be a subjective opinion.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Welcome the new iPhone. Now with an extra row of apps on your screen. Clap clap clap.

      Welcome to the new Android OS. Oh look we've changed everything and it's still unintuitive as hell!

        Are you high? Android actually update their software with new versions instead of just fixing bugs and adding features that Android has been using for years and that Microsoft has even implemented before apple also. Think you need to have a look at a comparison between Android OS and iOS as your comment is merely another uneducated slur from an apple fan boy.

          You think completely changing the software is a positive thing?? Wow you're clueless. Stability, predictability and the fact that it receives MINOR incremental updates are some of the biggest pros for iOS.

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          And how's the rollout of ICS going then? Can't be installed on older devices, or unless your telco releases it after the handset manufacturer has updated and approved it. Yes, thats one slick process. What you call a slur, others will call an opinion. We are still allowed an opinion aren't we, or has google bought that out too?

    I was thinking the length makes it look like a Nokia.


      Do you not realise they are renderings? Or is this just terrible, weird humour?

    The black design has really grown on me.

    i wonder if it will have a problem standing in some dock connectors with that small port. unless its made of something a bit stronger, i foresee many a snapped connectors. i'm sure they have engineered their way around this though.

    it's probably still going to shatter into a million pieces when you drop it.

    king kong glass or no

    please no.
    If this really is what apple has in store for the next iphone I'm really sad.

    The iPhone is turning into the Call of Duty of the phone world...

    OMG thats sooo amazing! I can't wait for the new iPhone. I'm sick of people with there stupid samsung androids. A friend of mine got a samsung android and you can tell their just copying apple!!!

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