Hobbit 3D Glasses You'd Pay Extra To Not Wear

Peter Jackson's decision to shoot The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey at 48 fps and in 3D raised a lot of eyebrows. But the Tolkien marketing machine saw it as an opportunity to cook up these Hobbit-themed 3D glasses for the film's release.

While most moviegoers will probably opt for the 2D experience, there will surely be some extremely loyal Lord of the Rings fanboys who demand to see the film in every dimension possible. These limited edition, RealD-approved glasses are made of plastic, of course, but they look like they've been crafted from hammer-forged steel -- an effect that's not going to fool anyone in the theatre.

[Hobbit Film via ComingSoon]

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    I understand the point you are making but still.....bit of a kill joy article!

    Why would a magical being choose to wear glasses???
    I never understood that about Harry Potter either... they can make cars fly, travel through time even come back from the dead. But not able to whip up a potion to fix your eyesight?

      Easily the post of the day

        They cant grow back limbs, but they can grow back bones. They can heal flesh wounds unless they were cursed, but not fix poor eyesight.

          Why doesn't anyone ever point out to Superman that undies should be worn 'underneath' ?

        You never read the Hobbit as a kid? Yeah, well, they're not "magical beings", just ordinary short people. This isn't the same silly stuff as Harry Potter, not everyone can make little magical spells all the time.

    I really don't see the problem with these 3d glasses, if the cinema has a choice between these and the normal ones, I'd choose these just to try them.

    is it true the film is not in 3 parts instead of 2?

      *now (instead of not)

        It seems it with be three parts, in 3D, so maybe that is nine parts, I'm confused now.

    These look like cast iron, not hammer forged steel... Maybe they're supposed to be dwarf mining goggles or something...?
    No logic to it really. It's poor design. If they're goggles they should look like the usual leather and glass affair (in plastic), as glasses they should look like old style gold wire rimmed glasses. The designers here lack basic understanding of design language or what they're making this for.

    There us nothing I like about the idea of 48fps or 3D. Is there somewhere I can watch this sure-to-be amazing film in traditional 2D 24fps?

      Simply watch it at half speed, glasses off.

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