Here's The Exact Spot Curiosity Landed On Mars

A friend at NASA has sent us this exclusive document that reveals two things for the first time. One, it shows exactly where Curiosity landed yesterday, something that hasn't been officially disclosed yet. Its accuracy is like shooting a bullet from the Empire State Building in New York and hitting the tip of the antenna on the the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

Secondly, the NASA guys had a pool on where it would land, called Mars Madness 2012:

Because we're nerds and don't really know anything about basketball, our office pools look a little different around here.

The name of the guy who won is Dan Vartolomei, a Structures and Configuration Engineer at Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Congratulations, Dan. Enjoy your $15! (each of them put a buck each). And congratulations to the entire team for landing so incredibly close to target.

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