Here's An Internal Email Thread From Apple About A 7-Inch iPad

Today in court, during the current ongoing legal battle between Apple and Samsung, an internal email thread between four Apple execs -- Eddy Cue, Tim Cook, Scott Forstall, and Phil Schiller -- was released into evidence. The subject of the email: size matters. No, really. Those are Cue's words, not mine.

The point Samsung's team was trying to make with this particular piece of evidence is that Apple keeps close watch over and takes great interest in the products of other companies in their peer group.

Hey, this is almost as good as Night Court! [CNet]


    Samsung should copyright 7" rectangular devices and have apple baned from importing them.

      Nah they make to much money on Apple devices sold, if apple was banned more money would go to samsung's competition

    Wait... a business keeps an eye on what other businesses in that same field are doing... THAT'S REVOLUTIONARY, quick someone patent that!!

    I'm still at a mega loss at the point of this whole thing... from the sense of these court proceedings

    This case seems to be predominantly one side. Samsung get little items like this email through, but are not permitted to show designs they had that are pre iPad, iPhone.
    This does prove that Apple does copy others for much of their design and products. Unfortunately the system appears to be that APple CAN patent rectngular items but no one else can. The power of money and corruption it brings!

    Did we just get the email addresses of Apple execs along with that?

    Leaked by Apple to say Steve would have approved. Fanboys placated.

    Legal teams sometimes have to make themselves look like twats don't they? Yep, all companies watch their competitors, and even (shock) communicate this to other staff (GASP), but I guess judges and juries might find that a revelation (and we wonder why our legal system is in trouble :-)

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