Handgun Electric Screwdriver: Do I Feel Handy? Well, Do Ya, Punk?

Clearly designed for home improvement types who are quick on the draw, this electric screwdriver is modelled after a classic revolver handgun and comes with six interchangeable bits stored in the cylinder.

Now, the $US50 screwdriver's 3.6V motor doesn't provide quite the same penetration power as, say, a speeding bullet. But it should be more than enough kick to bury a screw into a piece of timber. And to make the handgun experience more realistic, an LED light at the end of the barrel recreates the effect of a muzzle flash while also illuminating the screw in the gun's targeting. Then again, no one every wanted to be known as the fastest screw in the west.

[Gadgets and Gear via Chip Chick]

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