H+: Watch The Next Four Episodes Of Bryan Singer's Web Series Before They're Released

Bryan Singer's post-apocalyptic web series, H+, hit screens last week, and we were told at the time that we'd only see two new episodes once every Thursday evening. But now, thanks to Gizmodo Australia, you can see the next three episodes early, right here.

The three eps are online, but they're as yet unlisted. Check them out and make sure to subscribe to the channel when you're done to get H+ as it happens. Those subscriptions are important, without viewers and subscribers, the web series model will be rendered useless.

We've put the first two eps below again so that you can catch up on what you missed.

Episode One: Driving Under

Episode Two: On Their Level

Episode Three: Prophetess

Episode Four: Airport Security

Episode Five: A Large Family

Episode Six: Voci Dal Sud

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