Google Translate For Android Can Now Read Pictures In Foreign Languages

Google Translate just got what is essentially Word Lens. The new feature in the latest update of the Google Translate app lets you take a picture and highlight text you want translated from one language into another.

The translation is different from Word Lens in that it's not live AR translation. You take a picture and then rub your finger over the words you need translated, and the app does its best to accomodate. Word Lens was never accurate enough to, say, use it to read a book or foreign movie credits, but the live-action translation means you don't have to reset to get it right. This new Google Translate function makes you go all the way back to the beginning if you miss a crucial part of the translation. Here's Word Lens translating the same image shown on Google Translate above:

Google Translate is free, while Word Lens is $5 per language pack. Both are available from Google Play. [Google Play via Android Central]



    Is Word Lens available to use offline?? That's the biggest hassle with Google Translate. You're not always going to have Internet connectivity when you are overseas, when you are most likely going to need this function.. Well not myself anyway.

    WinPhone's Translation app is more like Word Lens. I've not really tried it out but I know that MS's word recognition is pretty good ; it has no trouble reading authors and titles from book covers, for example.

      Yeah the best part of word lens is that is works offline. So you can use it on a plane or overseas... Has helped me out when trying to go through customs at the airport could just fill out all the forms on the plane.
      Is it the size of the files that makes google translate need an online connection to translate, or is it cause phones arent fast enough to do it all properly??? Wish there was an option to download language packs for google translate!

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