Google Lays The Smack Down On Torrent Sites In Search Results

Next week Google will begin censoring sites for which it receives a large number of copyright removal requests by reducing their Google site rank across their entire domains.

Google's Transparency Report reveals that some sites used for torrenting pirated content receive more than 100,000 complaints a month. While Google has refused the requests of organisations like the RIAA to stop listing these sites altogether, it'll be effectively doing the same thing by pushing them down in your search results. Yes, censorship. And it won't do a lick to stop piracy. [Google via The Verge]


    Well, Google is a corporation, people keep forgetting that. They're not the police, they have no interest in fighting piracy. They DO have a clear, commercial interest in avoiding having to field 100,000 complaints per site, per month. It's fair enough, I think.

    Usenet.. 'nuff said

      Rule 1. never talk about Fight Club.

    What's stopping someone from saving this picture and bookmarking all the listed sites?

    No harm done. It might in fact clean up some search results where your looking for a file and get a dozen bs paid (scam?) unlegit looking torrent site.

      Yeah, finally, it'll clean up the results a bit. I'm tired of all that torrent crap, it's so last decade. Seriously.
      I'm not being facetious here

      Actually it wont...
      Those scam sites do not actually host any torrents, thus it will not receive complaints, thus will not be censored, thus you will still see them.

    and so yahoo is on the verge of a resurgence.

      Or Bing is about to become more heavily used.

        I still ask Jeeves.

          Jeeves still exists?! Oh man screw Google!

    Just use a dedicated Torrent search engine! I use Isohunt, I'm sure there are better ones out there, I'd love to know where they are! :)

      90% of my stuff I use The Pirate Bay, the other 10% split between IPT, Demonoid (when it's not down lol) ISOHunt & Torrent Day.

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