Gmail For iOS Gets Mercifully Smoother Scrolling And Handy Image Saves

Google has rolled out a minor update to Gmail for iOS. Version 1.3 includes faster scrolling and animation (thankfully) on the iPhone and iPod touch.

You can also now save photo attachments to your library the same way you save images from Facebook on your phone by simply touching and holding. Google has also mended some bugs, and these aren't huge changes, but they're definitely positive ones. [iTunes App Store via 9to5Mac]


    I've pretty much stopped using gmail alltogether due to Google
    pretty much refusing to recognise mobile IE as a smartphone
    browser. Google is the only webmail that looks the same through a
    crappy old nokia dumb phone, and my windows phone, so they can EAD.
    How hard would it be to redirect to a more smartphone friendly
    version of the mobile site like mobile safari gets?

    Does it have banners and local storage yet?

    I like it, and I've paid for a copy of sparrow to try that out too, But until that happens, I can't see myself going off the default mail.

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