Further Evidence Of Samsung's iPhone Envy: Need More Bouncy Fun Stuff

A 94-page document issued into evidence tonight, in the ongoing debacle that is Apple vs Samsung, supplies further evidence that Samsung was pea green-eyed with insatiable jealousy over Apple's super fun phone design, as compared to the less animated and playful Android products.




    Doesn't every company in every industry study the success of its competitors and work on ways to compete against them? Isn't that standard business practice?

    Are we to think that companies create their products without taking any consideration for what has gone before?

    The question is whether Samsung infringed on Apple's patents, not whether they were pushed to produce better products by the success of their competitors.

    I wonder if the jury will remember this distinction.

    There is a distinction between innovation and plagiarism.

      This is yet another reason why Samsung's skins suck. Android has always looked different from iOS until Samsung went and added their Touchwiz layer of crap. And unlike other true good UI designers like HTC (or people like Martias Duarte at Google who helped define the look of ICS) Samsung simply chose to imitate rather than innovate. I think they've improved a bit since then (the S3 and Note range are certainly unique) but in regards to the S1 they don't have a leg to stand on.

      I just hope Samsung's action don't end up damaging Android itself. A win for Apple could be very damaging to innovation, but only the blindest of fanboys could not see that Apple don't have a solid case against Samsung.

      People will continue to hate on Apple of course, but if you were a multi-billion dollar company, that had evidence of Samsung imitating your no1. selling product and violating your patents (regardless of whether they should have been granted in the first place) I'm sure you'd sue them in a heartbeat too.

      Plagiarism has nothing to do with this context. That is a totally misapplied concept here.

    Yeah this really isn't the conclusive.
    Everyone does usability and competitor analysis this way and you always have a list of suggestions and recommendations for improvement. Some of them, and from what I've seen do recommend very similar design pattern changes as that of iPhone, which I think is a bit lazy.
    What would be more conclusive is to see the resulting wireframes they produced from this usability report and the historic changes made on those wireframes.
    If the wireframes they created look very similar to iOS then I would have to say that the designers probably started to simply copy rather then try to design alternative or variant approaches.
    I'm thinking that they either got lazy, or they were pressured by management, which is pretty common, but without seeing the follow up wireframes and development this simply doesn't prove or disprove anything.

    Samsung have been copying its product line from the tech leaders of almost 20 years. Why would they stop now. It's quite clear Samsung don't have a creative design bone in their body. Apple have every right to protect their designs and patents. Apple spend a lot of money and resources to bring their products to life, and they do so very very well, love them or hate them. They are successful by doing things differently, not blindly copying competitors. The music and movie industry go feral after pirates in their industry, and the same should be for the tech world too. Just because Samsung are one of the biggest tech companies on the planet, do not give them a license to openly steal from their partners and competitors. It needs to end, now, and hit the reset button. You don't compete by cloning what your competitors do. Samsung, get a brain and design in your own right. Or is that not in your DNA?

      So let's the court decide then? Apple should face the same wrath as Samsung for copying other then.
      Do you realize that a European judge ruled in favour of Samsung in one of many cases recently and asked Apple to put up a message in bold text on their web site saying Samsung didn't copy them? What does that tell you. Except for a few fanboys from either side everyone realises these practices are normal in the technology field. Everyone follows best practice. Apple are just mad that other companies have outdone their concepts. I as a consumer want the best product. At the moment the iPhone isn't it.

    IBM should sue apple for ripping off their computer product.

      Xerox should sue Microsoft for ripping off their mouse. Don't be ridiculous.

        After Xerox sues Apple for stealing their OS right?

    "further evidence that Samsung was pea green-eyed with insatiable jealousy over Apple’s super fun phone design, as compared to the less animated and playful Android products. "

    Further evidence of how much this site loves apple

      How about reading the document? Given that line was playing on a quote from Samsung's own "Usability Evaluation Results" (otherwise known as "how to imitate the iPhone 101")

      Sorry I really should say ONE of Samsung's own documents. Given there's a 132 page report and a 96 page report from Samsung management, directing their UI designers to copy every imaginable aspect of iOS.

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