Fukushima Fish Soaked In Record Levels Of Radiation

During last year's nuclear disaster, the deadly radiation inside Fukushima 1, became one with the surrounding environment, contaminating everything. Things aren't getting any better. Record quantities of the deadly radioactive isotope caesium-137 have just been discovered in the fisheries around Fukushima.

We've known about the untold and nearly inconceivable quantities of caesium-137 released into the surrounding ecosystem for over a year. But these numbers reported by the AFP are still shocking:

The fishes, captured 20 kilometres (12.5 miles) off the plant on August 1, registered 25,800 becquerels of caesium per kilo, Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said -- 258 times the level the government deems safe for consumption. The previous record in fish and shellfish off Fukushima was 18,700 becquerels per kilo detected in cherry salmons, according to the government's Fisheries Agency.

Authorities had hoped things were getting better, and as the AFP reports, they allowed fishermen to get back to work for a trial run as long as they were more than 50km from the disaster site and stuck to shellfish. So far, the experimental catches have proven (relatively) clean. Still, while everyone in the region is understandably eager to get back to normal, let's hope the wishful thinking doesn't get out of hand. [AFP]

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    Shores around fukushima aren't the only thing to worry about, they seem to have entirely forgotten all the radioactive water they dumped into the Pacific, not to mention the ongoing leaking

    And then there's all the radioactive steam that got into the jet stream as the molten radioactive fuel burnt through the concrete bowl and hits ground water under the reactor site

    And then there's spent fuel pool 4 with about 6000 spent fuel rods sitting 30m up in the air in a building with tilting walls... NOT GOOD!

    All this and barely a peep on the news and no international effort
    This is far from over :|

      Thanks Bill, good to see more people out there who are also following this man made disaster. Thx for the links too


      Lots of Blinkys

      Other good sites for info besides ene news as above are

      Here's a Map of the spread of radiation in the ocean but it's outdated now

    This was because of stupid reactor design. Building an earth quake proof reactor but not making back up power tsunami proof was nothing short of moronic. Lessons have been learned and a disaster similar to this wouldn't happen.

    I still don't like people here in Australia using this as an example of why Nuclear power isn't suitable. It was in Japan, a VERY geologically active and densely POPULATED country,I was there 1 week before this Nd there were tremors. Australia could do Nuke power and shut down all the coal plants forever. It's not rocket science. It seems simplistic but you then put the uranium back in the ground.... Where it came from, deeper in fact and sealed with containment layers.

    It's terrible this happened, because it shouldn't have. But using inapplicable scare campaigns to stop intelligent debate and investigation into the idea is backward thinking. Not since the Salem Which trials has such ignorant hysteria surrounded a topic.

      There's more to it than that
      Stuxnet got into the facility a few months before the quake, and it seems to be responsible for having the reactor controls and backup systems play up during the disaster and a lot of confusion for TEPCO since they'd be in the control room and all the readings would be normal
      I think Stuxnet may have a lot to do with Japan's emergency mode over shutting down all their nuclear reactors, and it also may have something to do with how many nuclear incidents have happened with american reactors in the past year compared to their operational history

      The fact of the matter isn't whether or not nuclear power is safe, it's that humans make mistakes frequently and there is always some small unforseen detail that is overlooked during design/construction that ends up causing problems, and a nuclear mistake is unacceptable.

      Also nuclear power, when you factor in all the safety regulations, inspections, etc becomes more expensive than wind/solar. There are ways to burn coal so that it doesn't release as much CO2, and there's no risk of a coal factory making an area uninhabitable :P

      CEO of GE says nuclear power “really hard” to defend financially — “At some point, really, economics rule”

      Germany produces 50% of energy from solar during mid-day hours — ‘Equivalent to 20 nuclear power stations at full capacity without any radioactive waste left over’

      Personally I'm quite interested in LENR technology or solar plants that use mirrors to boil water instead of expensive photovoltaics like this

    This is what happens with a species becomes so retarded they develop nuclear power in order to create steam to generate turbine power.... such a stupid way to create energy.

    Japan is forever screwed, there is no saving that country unless we develop technology to reverse the effects. Until that happens, South Korea will become the new Japan.

    We will adapt to all of this and mutate humans that are emun to radioactivity . We get stronger over generations .

    Yeah, Right...

    Radiation Expert: “Alarming” number of children with cysts or lumps on thyroid after Fukushima — Access to Japan’s birth statistics requested, not granted

    Well... there goes my hopes of getting a japanese waifu :'(

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