FlightTrack: No More Fighting With Automated Airline Operators

Calling an airline to find out what gate you're scheduled to leave out of can be a hassle. The automated system never seems to understand whether you're saying "yes," "no," or "connect me to an operator you idiot." So it's a good thing this FlightTrack exists.

What does it do?

Gives you real time data about thousands of international flights, like gate assignments and arrival and departure times, and shows current flights on a live map.

Why do we like it?

This is the new, free version of FlightTracker, an already popular, super-useful app. Without it, you'd constantly be referring to the airline's own shoddy app or logging onto its website. And what if you're connecting on multiple carriers? Then you have to do even more digital juggling. Except that this app combines all that info into one beautifully designed package.


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The Best:


The Worst:

No airport maps

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