Find Out How Early You Signed Up For Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare And More

For me, signing up for any new social network goes something like this: Hear about it and ignore it. Hear about it again and then make fun of it. Hear about it again and wonder if I should sign up. Sign up. Do nothing until I hear about it again and remember I have an account and then, finally, start using it.

Without fail that's how I've signed up to every social network in my life. Because I'm supposed to be technological-savvy and such, it means I usually beat the pants off of the rest of the "normal world" at signing up to social networks but consistently lose to the always accepting early adopters. I just want to be first! And let's be real here, on the Internet, there is a twisted smug sense of victory in being first. So if you're curious on where you stand as an early adopter of social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, etc. or if you're first at anything, check out the website Idego. It checks your account and shows you where you stand as an adopter. I'm in the 1.99% for Instagram but trail 21 of my friends. [ via The Next Web]


    Guessing this article also went on the America site, cos now the twitter one has been forced offline. Shame too, that's the only one I signed up for out of all those

    Boohyah! 218,225 user of instagram, the first 0.39% of users. I was using it before it was hipster.

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