Finally, A Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker That Can Survive A Beating

Man, we love tough, waterproof gadgets -- especially when they're gadgets that you're going to be taking from place to place. As it so happens, the Ecoxgear EXOBT is the first bluetooth speaker that's claims to be waterproof; resilient enough to survive the thrashings it might take out in the world.

More than anything else, we're psyched about the 680g EXOBT's tough design. It's not just waterproof (it should be noted that Ecoxgear doesn't specify how waterproof) -- it floats and its rugged construction is burly enough that you can drop it with killing it. Awesome. The EXOBT comes equipped with two 2-inch drivers, a built-in microphone for calls, and a 10-hour rechargeable battery. No word on when the Exogear EXOBT will be available, but we're told it will cost $US100 when it is. You can sign up for updates on availability here. [Exogear]


    i think you meant without killing it

    Hopefully the range and battery life are decent. I can't imagine much use for one of these at a pool, as pool parties would most likely have loud enough music playing from outdoor speakers. This would be great for a boat, lake, or beach.

    So that means it will sell for $200 in Australia?

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