Facebook's World Hackathon Will Skip Australia

Despite the fact that Facebook has not one, but two outpost offices set up in Australia, you think that when a "World Hack" event came around that we'd be on the guest list, right? Wrong.

Facebook has been holding its hackathon events in one form or another since the birth of the social network, and now it's taking those events around the world with World Hack.

Coders from around the world will converge to build a new social app under the watchful eye of Facebook's developer advocates. The winner from each continent will score a trip to San Francisco to tour the Facebook campus and meet the team.

Facebook will hold World Hack events in 12 cities around the world between August 23 and October 1, and not one of those cities is in Australia.

Here's the list of event cities:

  • Austin, USA – August 23
  • Mexico City, Mexico – August 27
  • Buenos Aires, Argentina – August 29
  • São Paulo, Brazil – August 31
  • Berlin, Germany – September 11
  • Taipei, Taiwan – September 11
  • Jakarta, Indonesia – September 13
  • Bangalore, India – September 17
  • Barcelona, Spain – September 18
  • Vancouver, Canada – September 20
  • Warsaw, Poland — September 28
  • Moscow, Russia – October 1

You would have thought that Sydney might get a courtesy event just to tell the millions of subscribers down here that the social network still cares about them?

Looks like the joke's on you, Facebook. Even if you did hold an event, we couldn't come. We're all, um…washing our hair that day. So there. [Facebook]

Image: Facebook



    The US thinks it IS the whole world, but we in Oz tend to think we're bigger than we are.
    Lots of other countries see Oz as just that place down under where everything's upside down and we all have kangaroos in our backyards.
    We're quite small on the world stage.
    I'll wager that even our biggest city (Sydney? Melb?) would still be a good deal smaller than any of those listed. not sure about Vancouver though.
    Then again, it's Facebook.. So yeah, washing our hair or cleaning the shower anyway.

      We are the 13th largest economy in the world. Population isn't everything. Also our massive resource and agriculture exports are very significant even on a global scale and our securities exchange is the ninth largest in the world.

      Nope, Sydney is bigger in population than 6 of those cities.


    interesting, no UK one either

    Facebook may have offices here but they are just for sales staff. No development is done in Australia yet.

    Who cares. It's FB, call it MySpace in less than two years.

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