Even In 1995, We Knew What The Internet Would Be Good For: Scholarly Pursuits ... and Cats

This is great, just great. Laughing Squid has unearthed a glistening gem of a public service announcement from 1995. What is it PSAing? The Internet. The Internet, you ask? Yes, it is simply encouraging you to get your Clinton-era arse in gear and on the Internet.

The 10-year-old kids in this ad are in fact a group from Helena, Montana's Ray Bjork School, 5th grade class. (The production itself won a local ADDY Award in 1996 for Best PSA. Ha!)

By the time we're in college, these kids proclaim, they'll be able to do all manner of neato online activity: talk on the telephone, watch TV, shop, and work. (Check, check, check, and check!)

They also list a number of novel internet activities: visit Jupiter (I really would love to know what the Jupiter of 1995's Internet looked like. I'm imagining something of a Kid Pix planet graphic?), research the rainforest, and - of course - bake catfood cupcakes. Because nothing says Internet quite like weird cat comestibles. [LaughingSquid]

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