Easily Publish All Your Instagram Photos To Creative Commons

Instagram is great, but it's also sequestered away in its own little pocket of the internet. A new site, i-am-cc.org, is giving you a way to make them free for everyone to use, for mostly anything they want.

It's simple. You just go to the website, and sign up to agree to licence all your photos for the next three months. It's set to that time period so you don't forget about it and inadvertently licence every single photo you take forever and ever. You can select what kind of licence to apply, and whether or not you want to apply it to past photos. It's super easy, and gives you the false hope that your Instagram photos will become a local Hungarian and be splashed all over every magazine in Budapest while small children wear paper cutouts of your Instagrammed cupcakes as bades of national pride to school. [i-am-cc via Hacker News]

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