Does Anyone Still Have Audio Cassettes That Need To Be Digitised?

Hammacher's hawking this oversized walkman lookalike featuring an iPhone/iPod Touch dock that lets you convert cassette tapes into MP3s via an accompanying app. But does anyone out there even have audio cassettes that can't be more easily replaced with a quick iTunes search?

Does anyone even know what audio cassettes are? Besides maybe a reporter with a box of old interviews, who would drop $US80 on this? Or is there a demand we're just oblivious to? [Hammacher Schlemmer]


    wrong way brah - totally needs to turns mp3s into tape cos thats fully vintage

      Fully hec!

    Being a music teacher, my mother has two, three drawer filing cabinets filled completely with cassettes. One mother's day I bought her a cassette to mp3 converter but she isn't able to figure out how to work it properly. This may be something she could figure out.

    So yes, there are people who still use cassettes and can't have them easily replaced with iTunes.

    My Grand Cherokee has a tape deck. I have recorded a lot of music onto tape as they don't skip when I am out 4x4ing :D

      Lol so instead of updating to an mp3 that won't skip has better quality and can store significantly more music you went backwards and started using cassettes again, freaking genius bro... -.-

        I used the technology that was available. I could have installed a cd player with an aux or bluetooth input, but I decided that the original cd/tape deck looked better than the options that were available.

          Also, by your rational, cd's were a step backwards in regards to the quantity of music storage. 74min on a cd vs 180min on tape! ?! Each to their own I guess. I am no hipster, but I do enjoy the looks on peoples faces when I pop a cassette tape into the stereo.

    An iPhone is a convenient way to playback vintage home computer cassette files into the original hardware. Msxplug on the AppStore is an expensive option in my opinion. But this device could make back up copies of game cassettes that I own, for any system.

    I have cobbled together my own version of this but my old walkman's heads are old and worn and doesn't record as high quality as a new one would. Tapes are much more than simple copies of LPs or CDs, tape recordings can often be of great family heritage value. We've got recordings of camping trips, birthdays, etc. I've also got lots of riff tapes, recordings of bits of songs I have written which I would love to sift through now to create songs from.

    I would certainly buy one of these.

    Most Smart phone users probably weren't around when recording sound was analogue...

    Of course it would just be handier to do a quick search for the mp3.
    BUT I can see this being a hit if you have loads of old radio mix tapes.
    Dad always recorded heaps from the radio, and mixed them together on his own, so to
    keep that vintage memory of how you've always listened to your music in your walkman,
    every crackle, every tape error that went into the mix can be recorded and stored for
    your listening pleasures and to go: Memmmorieeeesssss....

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