Do You Use A Password Manager?

We could all use a good self-audit on our passwords — bank accounts, credit cards, emails, social networks — but is it better to just let a password manager handle all of our passwords instead? Or should we still cook up a different password for each account on our own? What do you guys do?

People swear by password manager services like 1password or Lastpass, but I'm not yet convinced I want to go through all the work of figuring it out. I'm hoping there might be a better solution, at least one that strikes a nice balance between ease of use and security. Do you guys have any suggestions? And if you do use password managers, which password manager do you prefer?


    I use mSecure, which is awesome and would highly recommend it to anyone!!! It is available on Windows and Mac. There is also an app for iPhone and Android. It does everything i want it to, you can sync your passwords to all your devices via wifi or you can also sync them to your dropbox account.
    It isn't the cheapest software but it's not the most expensive. It has good encryption and I use it everyday and would be lost without it.

    I use Splashid on my mobile devices and PC, with unique passwords for really important sites like eBanking. They're bringing out a cloud version soon which will be good, provided I'm satisfied with the security level on the central data store.

    I used to use common passwords across sites. But of course, as soon as one of those sites got hacked, I had to change the password on many other sites also.

    I'm using Lastpass, though I'd love to find something that's equally as free, but whether better cross platform support to Android - so I'll probably keep a close eye on the comments here to see what get suggested.

    That said, I'm currently going through various accounts and subscriptions to update my passwords to something which is both secure, unique and easy to remember.

    Used the default password manager in debian/ubuntu linux but never in windows. Is there a ms made password vault or only 3rd party?

    Whats to figure out? Download one, put all your passwords in it and start using

    I've just started trying out LastPass, to use all it's features (e.g auto logon to a web site without remembering the password ) you need to use the web browser. As far as I can tell the lastpass app is just to make changes/access details.

    So to really set things up and only have to remember one password ,use it with apps and ideally have a different password for each you would need to:

    1. Logon to the web based version of any apps and have lastpass generate a password for me and change it (i don't have to, but it kind of defeats the purpose of it since you ideally want a different password for each program/app)

    2. Open the app, login again and manually copy the generated password. Most apps would save logon detials by default.

    With any third party programs (like itunes or thunderbird) I would need to do the same thing and make sure that the option to save my login/password is ticked (otherwise you would need to open 1password , look up the password and copy it in again)

    However some programs don't have the option to save passwords. iTunes for example makes you re-enter the password just to update apps let alone buy them on the ipad. So using lastpass to look up the password each time would be a pain. But I guess in these cases you need to consider sacrificing convenience for security.

    Since most apps/programs are saving your login details you would need to make sure your PC, phone, tablet is locked/password protected as well ( fair enough )

    Does this sound right ? Is 1password the same? Or am I just doing it wrong :)

    This is old school, but I have a cypher I keep in my wallet, with a backup image hashed into a photo in my gdrive account. The software to extract the hashed image of the cypher from the image is readily available online, and I have the password for this stashed in 4 separate places. The likelihood of this falling into the wrong hands is extremely remote, and I have a full contingency plan in the event that there is any form of compromise, or if I need to cycle passwords (I do this monthly as a default). I just find that having passwords written down and imediately available is the most reliable way to circumvent forgetting complex passwords, while keeping them secure. Plus this is way cool - yes, I am a nerd.

      What software do you use for the steganography?

    I've been using 1password for about a year or so. It's quite convenient what with the syncing over 2 phones, 2 tablets and a desktop. Without it keeping track of all of the passwords would be a nightmare (used to use a notebook). I'm not sure how good the security is but it does concern me a bit.

    Free, open source and versions available on almost any platform or smartphone.

      Or rather KeepassX

    L2 remember

    In my personal life, I've found that the 'keyring' software in Ubuntu works well. I've had good experiences with that. I haven't used any password manager in Windows, but the OS choice is 'mostly' irrelevant, because most of us live in a browser in 2012. I sign into chrome on any pc, on any OS, and sync my bookmarks, website passwords, etc. My google password is now my 'master' password (may god have mercy on me).

    At work we use legacy hardware, with a closed software environment. So I have no choice but to try to manually sync my passwords across each service each time a password change is due. Each system has different password rules, so it can be a real nightmare.

    Meh, too hard they can't be used everywhere.

    If you mean a text file on my desktop, then yes, I do use one.

    Using roboform

    I used to have a Blackberry, and the only option to use at the time was Ascendo DataVault Password Manager. But now I'm with Android and love Ascendo.

    I've tried all of them; here's my quick review:

    -KeePass: Desktop App is slow and Java intensive, awful, terrible organization, generally confusing to use.
    - 1Password: Subcription based, I don't like my important data held hostage because of a subscription (you have to pay for updates) - I also didn't like the look & feel of it.

    - LastPass: Cloud based with 2Step Authentication activated. I generally don't trust anything cloud based, especially with all your passwords. I'm convinced its safe, its just that you never know. If the Defence department can get hacked what's protecting LastPass?

    Why I chose DataVault.
    - its really the only secure application. Storage is locally based, and nothing is stored in the cloud
    - best organizing I have seen using numerous different apps.
    - Desktop & Android apps are fast and convenient.
    - free upgrades, no subscription
    - unlimited passwords, fields, notes, etc.
    - you can customise your password form anyway you want.

    Now I use a combination of LastPass & Ascendo - LastPass is for frivolous useless sites and any site I usually access at home and not on the go.

    DataVault is for my most important things and everything else. So whatever is in LastPass is also in DataVault. Redudunt not really, because when your saving a password on LastPass it only takes 2 seconds to save the same password on DataVault.

    I also do this because if LastPass ever gets hacked. I am simply deleting all records on LastPass the minute I know its been hacked, knowing I have a backup.

    I have over 500 Passwords saved with DataVault and I couldn't be happier with my choice.
    I've tried all the password managers out there. DataVault is simply the best.

      Beware of Ascendo DataVault! I've used Ascendo DataVault for years and loved it. Had about 350 passwords saved in it. For some reason, one day the program started to freeze up and said "not responding". It then did this every time and I could no longer access any of my passwords. I reached out to Ascendo and tech support refused to handle my time-sensitive problem over the phone. They said they "do not offer phone support". I explained the sense of urgency as I need to access my passwords for both business and personal use right away. Still, they refused to help with phone support and only by email. They'd reply back to me every 24-48 hours with a one liner question and could care less about my situation. I then put together a video of my computer screen to show them exactly what was going on. They said they don't know what to do. I uninstalled and reinstalled datavault (including the latest version) about 15 times and the problem never got solved. After several weeks of trying to get it resolved on my own and with tech support, I realized they weren't going to help and still refused to troubleshoot efficiently by phone.
      In summary- Ascendo DataVault is awful because there is virtually no tech support for when something does go wrong. Better to use a service that is willing to help the customers resolve their problems than to have to completely start from scratch and re-write 350+ passwords into a new software program. I really do feel that if they cared, they could've helped me resolve the situation.

    I personally think RoboForm is the best. 1Password in good on the Mac, but I like the fact that RoboForm works well on both Windows and Mac, plus my iPhone. I think it works on Android as well, but I haven't tried it.

    I have been using RoboForm by Siber Systems for years now. I just upgraded last year to RoboForm Everywhere so I can access my files from my tablet, iPhone, and work computer as well as maintain an online backup via the cloud. I have never had an issue with the software and have always been able to talk to a live person in the US with little or no hold time whenever I have had a questions. Great product, I definitely recommend the RoboForm password manager.

    I started using MySocialCloud after having looked into a number of different password managers. I love it and have had NO issues. Since using MySocialCloud I have heard countless issues others have had with other password I am quite happy with the decision I made. MySocialCloud: really secure, great interface, awesome.

    I use Safe on my iPhone and iPad. It is fantastic and the price is really fair. Sorry but I do not spend so much money for the same features.

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