Dine Among The Peaks In This Aluminum-Scaled Alpine Eatery

After a long day scaling the Matterhorn, even the most sturdy of mountaineer is apt to be a bit peckish. Luckily, the Gipfelrestaurant is open for business — 2650 metres above sea level.

The Summit Restaurant, as it's translated, is located atop Arosa Weisshorn and was designed by Swiss architect Tilla Theus. Built by Scherrer from a prefabricate timber structure (for rapid installation) and clad in anodised aluminium, the entire building was hauled up the side of the mountain using the existing system of cable-run gondolas. Inside, the 220 seat restaurant offers its patrons 360-degree views of 400 surrounding summits as well as overnight accommodations for those alpine explorers not foolhardy enough to make a descent on a full stomach. [Scherrer via Gizmag]

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