Chinese Army Fights A Wasp Colony In The Most Awesome Way Possible

The wasps had already killed a man and stung dozens of others. But the massive colony located high atop a tree in rugged terrain was impervious to attack by the villagers of Jiangjin Tsz Wan Yuen Tsuen, China. The situation became so dire that the army had to intervene -- with flamethrowers. [The Awesomer]


    There are a lot of words to describe this, but awesome isn't one of

    We may have burned down the farm ....but look.... no
    wasps!...Hooray! *chk chk ...boom*

    Save yourself a minute and start watching the video at 1.00

    Damn that flamethrower is much more powerful and a much longer range than I expected. And actually fairly accurate.

    Airstrike would have been more effective... those wasps (that were flying around the nest) are just going to build a nest again.

      Yank, as in pulling your appendage too much, as in American.

    "Great, now we have angry killer wasps that are ON FIRE after us."
    I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure

    I think they did a great job actually.
    Pretty decent aiming too.
    Overkill? Yes. Effective? Also yes.. VERY.

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