China Has A Transformers Jet Fighter Now?

Looking at this photo of the Chengdu J-20 -- China's fifth generation stealth fighter -- it seems that the Chinese are not only copying the F-22 raptor, but Michael Bay too. There are no details about this photo, except that every surface seems to be moving in very strange ways.

Are the Chinese building a transformers jet or what? Obviously that's not the case (I wish! -- or maybe not). [China Defense]


    It just has canards in front of the wing instead of conventional tail-planes. Solid, pivoting tail-planes are nothing new, F-111 had them in the 1960s.

      F-111 never had canards, just swing wing. However canards are increasingly commonplace on fighter aircraft.

        He was saying they had pivoting tail planes, not canards. Real shame to see the F111's go. They were a kick ass plane.

    Hmmm... Looks familiar no... ?

    I know that on other aircraft they have a position that all the control surfaces move to so that you can gain access to inspect systems and components that are obstructed when they are in flight position.

    No. It is American design made in china with some modification. As usual. The made in china things. We invest in design. They invest in copying the design. Happy Globalization.

      That's ridiculous. There is only a faint cosmetic similarity between the J-20 and the F-22. If you can't tell the difference, it isn't China's problem, it's probably yours.

    wrong it copy of cancel Mikoyan Project 1.44

    You call that a Transformer? That's no transformer... I want the Citroen with the button on the dash that converts it into an ice skating robot ; )

    Transformers indeed. I for one welcome our new overlords.

    There is a video of this exact scene floating around the web, showing all moving surfaces being run through their paces. The plane looks like it's twitching the surfaces move so fast. Very impressive (I think I saw it on

    pre-flight test, fairly standard on fast jets - a jammed surface tends to be bad on aircraft that are "intentionally unstable".

    i hope they invade america with it.

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