Check Out These Delightfully Minimalist Lamps

Normally, once you set a lamp on a table, it stays there until someone knocks it over or you need a little extra space on your end table. These mobile, baton-like lamps aim to be a little more hands on.

Brainchild of Hungarian designer Panni Pais, these lightme! lamps are designed to be mobile and dynamic. Each cylindrical LED light mounted on its wooden base is intended to kind of remind you of a stick or a branch. And, when arranged in a pile, they look a bit like a pile of kindling for a minimalist electronic fire.

The wooden stands come in three varieties with legs of different lengths so you can pitch your light at slightly different angles, or hang it off a shelf or door. By nature of being relatively mobile, the lamps have batteries in the back, so they only need to be tethered to a socket if they're going to be staying put for a while. These may not be the most effecient way to light a room, but they sure are an interesting take on the concept of the lamp. You can see more at Panni's blog. [Designboom]

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