Chalk Road-Maker Turns Parking Lots Into Big Wheel Race Tracks

Here's another one of those "why the hell didn't this exist when I was young?" products that give you yet another misguided reason to have kids. It's a simple folding contraption that holds a couple of pieces of chalk and leaves behind a perfectly sized roadway as it's dragged over a paved surface.

In just a few minutes you can create a complex course that rivals even the most challenging Formula 1 tracks around the world. Except that the lane widths here can only accomodate bikes, tricycles and the iconic Big Wheel that many of us grew up with. And the next time it rains, the course will be erased forever. You can save yourself $US15 and just draw out a course by hand, but like drawing a straight line without a ruler — the results are going to look crappy and no one's going to want to compete in your race. [Vat19]

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