Can This Mouse Really Speed Up Your Micro?

Can This Mouse Really Speed Up Your Micro?

So, you think you have micro (new name for my reality series, nobody steal it)? This new mouse from Logitech claims to be able to speed it up for extra pwnage.

It’s called the G600 from Logitech. It’s a 20-button mouse designed specifically for massive multiplayer online play. Of those 20 buttons, 12 of them are split into two thumb-panels, with the other eight scattered around the mouse for other functions.

Like any gaming mouse, you can create your own hotkeys for the buttons if you’re not a fan of where they are be default, and you can even light them up different ways so you know what’s what.

It’s available for pre-order now on Logitech’s website for $99.

Can a super-mouse help you in a boss battle, or is it just handy for when you want one hand free to reach for the corn chips?

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