Can A Car Automatically Park Itself In Less Than One Minute?

Reverse parking sucks, and anyone who says different is a liar. You crane your neck, strain your back, stress about hitting everything around you while worrying about what everyone is thinking in the cars you're holding up on the street. Shouldn't technology be able to do it for us by now? The good news is that it can, but can it do it in under a minute?

We test drove the Ford Focus Titanium this week and one of the features we took a look at is called Active Park Assist, which scans the street on the left-hand side (or right if your indicator is on) to find a park big enough. It scans each spot with radar to see if it's big enough for the car before informing you on the colour screen that it's ready to begin parking.

All you do is control the braking and throttle, and the car does all the steering for you.

Can it do it in under a minute? Watch and find out.

Luke Hopewell travelled to Melbourne as a guest of Ford Australia.

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