Can A 3DS Survive A Six-Foot Drop?

Nintendo has a reputation for - the odd dodgy hinge aside - building sturdy, reliable hardware. As you'd expect, given the battery of tests they put their handheld systems through.

But that's lab science. What about the real world? This series of tests, dropping a retail 3DS onto concrete from various heights, sets out to check on the system's sturdiness in more realistic conditions.

They were done by the same guys who made a PS Vita square off against a road, and this clip is no less entertaining.


Originally published on Kotaku Australia

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    So Stupid

      I disagree, these guys are doing a public service. If I was a parent I wouldn't feel like a jerk-hat buying this for my kids because I know it can wear a few drops and still work with minimal cosmetic damage.

      The only way they could possibly make this any more scientific is by showing it side-by-side with a control unit so you can make the comparison between the two devices.

    Haha "gaygle of give aways"

    Why does the "guy" have bigger tits that the chick? And in the first drop he gave it downward momentum rather than just dropping it.

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