Burton Wants To Help You Snowboard With Shorter Boards, Dial Lacing Boots And More

Quick! While it's still winter! Burton is showing off its latest gear for the US snow season and it's heavy on the technology to make it easier on the slopes. Get it before the snow melts.

Burton is bringing more of its 'Nug Raduction' tech to more of its boards, meaning you can comfortably ride a board 8-10cm shorter than your normal length. The way Nug Raduction makes shorter boards possible is by increasing the width in the middle of the board, utilising side effects along the tip and tail (to improve edge hold and stability), inserting 'jumper cables', or carbon strands, inside the board for more pop and featuring a squeeze box in its core to better transfer energy throughout the board.

The shorter boards make for a funner riding experience but what I'm really digging is the Speed Dial shoelace system of Burton boots. The Speed Dial uses rope twice as strong as typical laces and is tied together by a simple turn of the knob. I need this dial turning lacing technology in all my shoes. Check out the rest of the technology Burton is using like Goretex, flexible bindings and more here. [Burton]

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