Breakfast Wrap: The Best Of Thursday Night

Rumourmodo: The 7-inch iPad Will Have A Super Thin Bezel And Look More Like An iPhone Will it be less of an iPad Mini and more of an iPod Touch Maxi? My brain hurts.

These Android Music Apps Could Keep You From Getting Run Over By A Car Because getting run over really ruins your day

Which Apps Do You Actually Use On Your Tablet? For me, it's Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Camera, Safari, TripView and Maps. What about you?

You Can Turn Your iPhone’s Glass Plate Into A Beautiful Piece Of Film This...this is awesome.

This Map Of America Shows Every State’s Stereotype Using Google Autocomplete In case you were wondering, typing "Australia is" into Google returns autocomplete results including "is a lucky country", "is a racist country" and "is boring". Time for a change of scenery?

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