Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night’s Finest

Breakfast Wrap: Friday Night’s Finest

Students Build Super Desktop Slingshot For Playing Angry Birds
Because it wasn’t already addictive enough without cool gadgets.

The Olympics Uses Special Sand That Doesn’t Stick To Beach Volleyball Players
I thought they just rubbed down everything except the players with fluffy towels and let static do the rest.

Indestructible Robot Inchworm Crawls Using Creepy Artificial Muscles
There isn’t an exclamation of “Eww…” loud enough to do this justice.

Dart Silenced Alarm Clock Is A Great Excuse To Sleep With A Nerf Gun
Unless you’re in the States, where it’s more likely you’d shoot it with a real gun… eventually.

Scientists Discover Tectonic Plates On Mars
I can feel the, um… Mars… move under my feet…

Image: Edsel Little / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0