Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

Breakfast Wrap: Best Of Wednesday Night

New gadgets are already exploding out of IFA 2012 in Berlin. Check in throughout the day for all the latest product announcements from Samsung, Sony and more.

Samsung’s New Ativ S With Windows Phone 8
High-end device complete with brushed aluminium.

Samsung’s Android Camera Posts Photos Online With A Mobile Data Connection
How much extra would you pay for the convenience of immediate uploads over 3G or 4G?

Sony’s New GoPro Killer Might Be The Most Badass Action Cam We’ve Ever Seen
It looks too pretty to be badass.

Samsung’s New 10.1-Inch Windows 8 Tablet Challenges The Microsoft Surface
Is it pronounced AH-tiv or EY-tiv?

Archos GamePad For Android Gamers Tired Of Playing On Touchscreens
It’s an extra gadget you have to carry though.

Image: Daniel Pietzsch/Flickr