Best Proof Yet That Apple's Next iPhone Will Look Entirely Different

Assembled new iPhone components and pretty new iPhone renders are helpful, but they can only get you so far. Now we've finally got hard evidence that Apple's next handset is going to be an entirely different animal, along with a strong suggestion that the iPad Mini is no myth.

And the best part? It all comes straight from Apple.

What you're looking at above is a chart that AllThingsD dug up. It shows what percentage of Apple's total sales the company devoted to locking in long-term components contracts. As you can see, that number started picking up nine months ago and exploded earlier this year. Right around the time the first iPhone 5 rumours bubbled up.

In the June quarter, Apple spent 12.6 per cent of sales on inventory component prepayment, which represented a whopping $US1.15 billion real increase over the previous quarter. The last time Apple made a move any where near that significant was in early 2011, when it was gobbling up (very pricey) retina displays for the iPhone 4S, iPad and eventually MacBook Pro. That was a huge spending spree. This latest one dwarfs it.

So why does that matter? Because if the new iPhone were iterative, Apple would have all of those components deals already in place. You don't spend $US1.18 billion on a slightly better camera sensor; you drop that kind of change when you're starting from whole cloth.

And even then, that's a lot of money. Enough that it's safer than ever to assume that the iPhone's not the only product Apple has waiting in the wings come September. Enough to look at those iPad Mini rumours and think that it might be the kind of device that would make Apple spend twice as much of its hard-earned revenue as it did a year before on.

We may not know for sure what the next iPhone will look like, or if there will in fact be an iPad Mini this year. But we do know now, for absolute certain, that Apple's been giving money away like Brewster these last few months. And you don't do that unless you plan on making a very, very big impression. [AllThingsD]



    any chance of apple TV? a real tv i mean, not the streamer.

    Perhaps it could be that Apple are just using new materials such as a newer version of gorilla glass or new material for the body and to produce those (especially if they're hard to obtain) costs more? Perhaps production costs have increased because of this?

      perhaps Ash, but thats a SHYTE load of increased production cost. I haven't read of any major component manufactures raising costs or failing so as the author suggest, this is likely a new product launch or reinvention of an existing device (iPhone x )

        There are two ways to interpret this. One is that it's for pricey new components, as in the article, but the other is that it is for a lot more of the same or similar components. That would indicate that Apple anticipates that demand is going to increase and is pre-paying for larger orders so it doesn't end up constrained by supply. Hypothetically if Apple planned to start giving iphones below cost to boost iTunes revenue, they might buy up big to meet anticipated demand. Yeah, I agree that Apple is probably binging out new products - it doesn't take a genius to work that out - but I am just pointing out that these figures tell you very little by themselves.

    but last time we only got a new iphone tweak (4s) and ipad upgrade right?
    So, This time well be getting a all new longer shaped iphone, and a all new shorter ipad -

    Hence it would cost twice as much to do!
    I think the rumours have been dead on so far.

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