Best Father's Day Outright Mobile Phone Buys

Thinking a new mobile phone is the best gift for dad come September 2? Here are our top picks as Father's Day presents, whatever smartphone platform you prefer.

Picture by Harold Cunningham/Getty Images

For a gift, you should always aim for an outright buy phone, not a contract deal. Shop around to find the best deal — we've suggested some potential suppliers in each listing. Some phones will be cheaper through phone companies, but bear in mind they'll often be network-locked, so only go that route if you know which network your recipient plans to use. With just under a week to go before the big day, make sure you choose a fast postage option if you're shopping online.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Why we like it: So much Android goodness, speedy updates (certainly compared to its rivals) and no annoying vendor add-ons. Check the full Gizmodo review here.

Typical pricing: Kogan: $359, Mobicity: $409

iPhone 3GS 8GB

Why we like it: Sure, it's now the ageing workhorse of the iPhone universe, but it's a (relatively) affordable way to get your father into the iOS universe.

Typical pricing: Apple: $449 , Telstra: $429

Nokia Lumia 710

Why we like it: If Windows Phone 7 is your goal, then it's worth the extra to get this rather than the bargain 610. Check the full Gizmodo review here.

Typical pricing: Allphones: $328, Mobicity: $369

Sony Xperia P

Why we like it: An affordable Android alternative that promises Ice Cream Sandwich updates in the near future. Check the full Gizmodo review here.

Typical pricing: Mobicity: $349

BlackBerry Curve 9300/9320

Why we like it: If touchscreens make your dad nervous, the BlackBerry's superlative keyboard, still-excellent email support and all round reliability will keep him happy.

Typical pricing: Telstra: $199 , Optus: $229, : $ ,

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