Asus Transformer Infinity: Australian Hands-On

Asus completed its Australian tablet trinity today by outing the Transformer Infinity locally. The Transformer Infinity is the gadget maker's high-end gaming and media tablet, so how does it feel now that it's finally in our hands?


If you've ever seen a Transformer tablet before, it's a fair bet you won't be stunned by the design of the Infinity. It's not a radical departure from anything we've seen before, but it does have some subtle improvements that you might not notice upon a cursory glance.

It's a 10.1-inch-display nestled inside a super-thin and super-light chassis. It weighs just 607 grams and measure 8.5 millimetres at its thickest point. The edge-to-edge metal has been interrupted by a rubber-looking margin that runs along the top of the device. This margin doesn't go more than an inch or so deep on the device, and it's there to improve Wi-Fi and GPS network communications. Essentially, it's the improvement Asus made to the Transformer so that it didn't have to give everyone free GPS dongles again.

Like the Transformers before it, the Infinity is compatible with its own keyboard dock, but unlike the Prime, the dock itself is actually thinner and lighter. As a result, the Infinity's keyboard dock isn't going to be your best friend if you use it with a Transformer Prime for example. Why? Well you'll always end up overbalancing it due to the added weight the Prime carries around. The keyboard dock will ship with the tablet when it goes on sale this week.


The Asus Transformer Infinity carries a 10.1-inch, Super IPS+ display running at a resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels. It's powered by a quad-core, Tegra 3 processor which renders stunning games and images and actually looks good when you tether it to a TV via HDMI.

It's packing a massive battery that has a claimed life of 9.5-hours on a single charge, which can be upped to a whopping 14-hours when plugged into the keyboard dock. That's an impressive figure, and if we translate that into the real world, it measn we'll be able to watch movies on a flight between Sydney and Los Angeles without running out of juice halfway across the ocean.

The 8-megapixel camera is a welcome addition, as is the 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video chat that doesn't make you look like an 8-bit character.


We were worried when we heard last month that the pricing would be $999, but Asus today confirmed that number. That means you're paying almost $200 more than US counterparts, which Asus has blamed on the cost of doing business in Australia.

For that $999, you'll get a 64GB Transformer Infinity unit and the keyboard dock which can in some cases run you an additional $149 if purchased separately.

The good news is that if you do decide to import, Asus will honour the one-year warranty, which is global. The only thing is that you'll have to organise the courier of the unit yourself.

We'll bring you a full review of the Transformer Infinity as soon as we get our hands on a review unit.

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    Its been at jb for a while now. I saw it a couple of weeks ago. Looks nice

    1920*200 - talk about widescreen! :--P

    Sooooo want one of these but $999?... damn.

    It's the best tablet on the market and almost a full laptop replacement but it's really competing on store shelves against the Nexus 7 and the iPad. $999 just seems like way too much. In a choice between 4 Nexus 7s for Mum, Dad and the kids or 1 Infinity for the same price, I can't see this price point working.

    But then again, if all this does is further justify the purchase of more Nexus 7s I guess ASUS still benefits.

      Better off importing then - Newegg are asking US$599 for the 64GB version, with dock.

        Nope, with dock for US$708. Still a damn site better than AU$999!!!

        What kind of wall plug would you get if you buy from newegg?

        newegg dont ship to australia

    Hmm... ultrabook-like pricing with the pros and cons of a top-end hybrid tablet. If you don't need more than the Office web apps/GDocs for productivity, dang this looks good!

    Yeah a full grand just isn't going to cut the mustard I'm afraid. That's way too pricey for a tablet, with or without a keyboard dock.

    I do need to ask though, how does using the keyboard dock extend the battery life? I would have thought if anything it would reduce it.

      The keyboard has it's own battery pack which recharges the tab's battery when it's docked. All the Transformers to date work the same way...

        Okay, that makes sense. But I would assume then that once the keyboard's battery is dead, you'll need to charge it seperately?

          Nope, you plug in the charging cable into the dock and they charge simultaneously. Need to use the provided 15W charger though, standard USB power just doesn't cut it (Transformer Prime owner here).

      The keyboard dock has a built in battery also that powers the tablet when it's docked.

    Buy from the US where its $750 before shipping costs.

      Got one from the US for $660 including shipping :)

        where did you get it from???

    Meh, Quite a rip off when you pitch it against the upcoming (Late August) Huawei Mediapad 10FHD which outspecs the Infinity in just about every department at around half the cost! has 3G was well!

    Not enough of an improvement to spend a grand, I'll stick to my TF101 until I see an ultrabook running Windows 8 and the latest WiFi spec.

    "That means you’re paying almost $200 more than US counterparts, which Asus has blamed on the cost of doing business in Australia."

    Perhaps Samsung can ask Apple how they manage to sell a 64GB iPad in Australia for only $60 more than the US price? (AUD$759 vs US$699)

    How can a company justify a 20% price increase as the "price of doing business in Australia".

    I just received my Infinity from the US yesterday, it's amazing. Even better that it only cost $660 with the keyboard dock, including shipping :) Bought from

      ^ That was for the 64GB version too.

        Nice one.

      How did you manage that? because the site lists it as 619.99 + 134.99 for the 64GB and the dock

      Now the 32gb version is 499.99 with a 134.99 dock equaling around $635

      Has the price really changed this dramatically in the past few weeks, or are you just understating to sound more awesome?

        wow and then add another 60 on that to ship to australia!

          When I bought it, it was $599.99 for the 64GB tablet, and $134.99 for the dock. Shipping was $69.70, for a total of $804.68 USD. So with the exchange rate, I was expecting to pay about $775ish, but I only ended up paying $664.92 AUD (ok, so I understated by $4.92 :P). I don't know if they take a lot of tax off or something, but that's what I paid.

            Sounds like you got charged the 32gb price. You sure you have 64gb??

    I bought my Infinity from amazon, arrived last week. It worked for 24 hours. I have returned it to the Service Centre in Port Melbourne and they have been no help at all. So much for international warranty. They called today to tell me they are waiting on parts. I asked what was wrong with it. The "technician" couldn't tell me cos my Infinity hadn't even been looked at. Gizmodo or anybody if you have any ideas it would be appreciated.

    Got mine from JB Hifi yesterday for AUD 1020 ( inclusive keyboard dock, extra 2 year warranty besides the standard 1 year and a tablet bag!

      In three years, it will be a tech dinosaur

        Umm, in three years, any gadget out today will be a tech dinosaur

    I still don't know why anyone would want to spend that sort of money on a tablet when it doesn't even have 3G?
    As soon as you take it out of your house or work and there is no wifi you will have to hotspot it to your phone.. what a pain.

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