Archos GamePad For Android Gamers Tired Of Playing On Touchscreens

We were less than impressed with Archos' last attempt to provide Android users with a hardware alternative to a touchscreen interface. Its Gen10 XS tablet packed a nifty keyboard/cover combo, but everything else was downhill from there. So maybe the company has learned from its mistakes and can deliver a solid handheld gaming experience with its just announced Android GamePad.

Hoping to squeeze its way into a dwindling market already dominated by Nintendo and Sony, the 7-inch GamePad will run Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, which takes advantage of built-in physical controls — including what looks to be a pair of analogue joysticks, a pair of four-way directional pads and a requisite set of shoulder buttons. Powered by a dual-core 1.5GHz processor and a Mali 400MP quad-core GPU, the GamePad also packs an HDMI connection, essentially turning it into a portable console.

When it's available sometime in October with an expected price tag of less than $US188, it will also have full access to the Google Play market and be compatible with hundreds of titles at launch — although the quality of those games might pale in comparison to what you'd find on the PSP or 3DS. [Archos (PDF)]

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    This looks really cool - way more stylish than a PS Vita or PSP - if it performs as well it should do OK.

    looks like that might be direct copmpetition for the ooya...uya....ohyeah..... taht other android console thing from kickstarter

    If it works with emulators I'm in!

      Guaranteed to for the ones I use. This has me moist in anticipation.

    Add a sim card and you've got yourself an N-Gage.

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