A House You Cannot Throw Stones From Or Be Naked In

You could never live in this all-glass house if you are a) obsessive compulsive, because think of the fingerprints or b) you ever hope to be naked in privacy. But if you're a total exhibitionist, have at it!

The good news is, no one can actually live in this beautiful pair of blue glass houses, unless they're super rich (they costs $US6200 per square foot to build) and love impractical things (once again, it is a house made entirely of glass). They were created by Italian architect Carlo Santambrogio and designer Enno Arosic as a concept to promote Simplicity, Santambrogio's glass furniture line, which is presumably marketed toward heavy cocaine users. [Apartment Therapy via Design Milk]


    problems I see, early skin cancer, no nailed photos frames, slippery surface signs everywhere LOL

    I'd love to live there! I'd walk around naked all day till I froze my balls off, fell down and beheaded myself... or died of skin cancer, whichever came first. It would be glorious!.

    Just imagine coming home drunk to that!

    People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones... they should throw parties, with strippers

    Being a builder myself, I would have to say that this would have to be the most preposterously absurd innovation I have ever seen. There is no way this idiocy will attract buyers.

    Imagine you drop your friends diamond ring on the floor...

    second image is fake, that ocean is way slanted.

    It looks more like concept art for a hypothetical Minecraft HD

    thats going to require a lot of Windex to keep clean

      Nooooo, noooo, no can clean.

    It always confuses me why people invest time and money in such pointless and impractical things? Too much time and money I suppose.

    lol your all missing the bigger picture there's no kitchen and no bathroom o_O

    To hell with this house - I've seen 13 Ghosts.

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