480GB Retina MacBook Pro SSD Upgrade: Faster, Bigger, More

Regretting your choice of a 256GB SSD for your new retina MacBook Pro? Sorry, you're stuck with the configuration you bought. But today brings the launch of the Auro Pro, the first SSD upgrade option from OWC, and it's not a bad deal.

For $US579, you get 480GB, a pretty USB 3.0 enclosure so you can use your old 256GB drive externally, and all the tools you need to install. The price is pretty comparable to what you'd pay Apple for the 512GB configuration right off the bat, but that enclosure is some handy added value and OWC says its solution is faster. The company claims 500MB per second read speeds, faster than the 461MB per second read speeds of the internal proxy drive. Pre-orders start today, and shipments begin next week. [OWC via AnandTech]

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