YouTube Complaints Department IRL

Sketch comest and song parody group Barely Political made this IRL video version of the YouTube Complaints Department. It's appropriately annoying, given the topic, and also pretty funny. [LaughingSquid]


    They forgot the people who claim every video is Fake!

      Oh yeah, those people are the most annoying of the lot.
      Almost as bad as the "first" commenters. (not pointing the finger at you, I get humor)
      I particularly liked the bit with the dude who shot his daughters laptop. ha ha ha.

    No EMT? Who do I complain to?

    came because of the picture, stayed for the debate

    Anybody else click on this article just because of the picture?

      ..Did anyone click on this article Not because of the picture?

        (sorry, couldn't help it)

    What the hell is a Sketch comest?

    whats the track title?????

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