You Can Ship This Table In An Envelope

If you're looking to buy furniture that's easy to ship, you usually have to compromise on design, stability, and even ease of use. But Studio Toer is offering the best of all worlds with these stainless steel tables that fit inside a shipping envelope when disassembled.

The Postable Table's modular design not only lets it squeeze inside shipping packaging usually reserved for letter mail, but by simply increasing the number of panels included, it can serve as either a small coffee table or something that's actually useful for work and dining.

It seems like the perfect way to furnish a home if you move around a lot, until you consider the price. The smallest and most 'affordable' version measuring just 23 inches (58cm) long will cost you $US190, while the more usable 70-inch (178cm) model is a whopping $US870. But thanks to their flat, foldaway design, shipping is just $US20 all around the world. [Studio Toer via MoCo Loco]

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