You Can Pack A Long Weekend's Worth Of Clothing Into This Puffy Vest

If the thought of ever checking and leaving your suitcase in the hands airport handlers terrifies you, you'll love this sleeveless jacket that doubles as carry-on luggage you can actually wear. The Stuffa Jacket was created by Sandro Cafasso and is filled to the brim with elastic pockets that can carry all the clothing you'll need for a long weekend excursion.

The folks at Gizmag had a chance to try it out and were surprisingly able to stuff a pair of jeans, a light hoodie, shorts, four T-shirts, six pairs of socks, four pairs of briefs and a scarf into the jacket's 12 pockets. For some resourceful travellers, that's enough clothing to trek across Europe with. And as an added bonus, all of those extra garments packed around your person is bound to boost the $US148 Stuffa's insulating capabilities, making it ideal for year-round travel, or flights when the air conditioning is cranked too high.

[Stuffa via Gizmag]

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