You Can Hang This Bendy, Modern Pocket Watch Anywhere

Besides the use of weatherproof materials like silicone that make Lexon's new Take Time pocketwatch extra durable, its ultra-flexible strap with a loop on the end lets you hang it from wherever you might need to keep an eye on the time.

Whether it's your bike's handlebars, the handle of your carry-on luggage, or even your belt loop -- it easily attaches anywhere you need it. And even though people often turn to pocketwatches because they hate wearing a watch, the Take Time can even be temporarily strapped to your wrist and worn as a stylish time piece. It will be available sometime later in the year, and presumably reasonably inexpensive given its simplistic design.

[Lexon via MoCo Loco]



    while lacking all the elegance of the traditional version

      Anyone using a traditional pocket watch who is not wearing a 3 piece suit just looks like a tool. And the fact that you can strap it on to your wrist appeals to me.

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