Would You Pay Extra To Watch 4D Movies?

South Korean company CJ Group is bringing 4D cinemas to the West. For a little extra money, audiences will get a full sensory experience that includes back ticklers, strobe lights and smell-o-vision. If that doesn't sound vomit-inducing, I don't know what is.

The Disneyland-like system is headed for the US this year and will cost an extra $8 or so. It's already been tested successfully in Thailand, Mexico and Korea with big action flicks like Men in Black 3 and The Avengers. If it ever came to Australia, how much extra would you be willing to pay for a 4D experience? [LA Times via Beta Beat]

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    3D and 4D are both only really any good for crappy shock jump out at you horror movies where it'll help scare the crap out of you.

    For any other reason they're awful and not immersive.

      ... you haven't seen Prometheus, have you?

      Either that, or you're just a 3D hater.

        I found the 3d in Prometheus almost un noticeable except for the start of the.movie.

    Don't like 3D, can't imagine that 4D would be an improvement of 3D. Therefore I would be willing to pay $0.00 to the 4D experience.

    i enjoyed 4D at universal studios. it would be ok every once in a while but 2D is fine for most movies. it is a novelty at best. if the movie sucks, no amount of trckery will change that. so just like 3D and CGI, they are no replacement for a proper script

    I would be willing to be paid to watch something in 4D

    We have a couple in Australia and it is actually a lot more immersive than just plain 3D... it's definitely worth it

    3D movies are terrible and pointless... 4D would even add an extra dimension to that uselessness.

    I don't mind 3D... It doesn't make me feel sick, it doesn't give me a headache, I can see the effect... It's good.

    You can experience 4D movies now. Just call someone on your phone whilst in a movie and talk really loudly. Someone's bound to punch yer lights out and fart in your face for good measure.

      ^ Classic.

      I think the main reason why they have gone to 3D is so people can't bootleg them.

      3D movies are OK, but I honestly don't think 4D will really take off. It would be pretty funny to watch an ep of Man Vs Wild with smell-o-vision though.

        That's not true, bootlegging a 3D movie would be as simple as making a lens filter using 1 lens out of a pair of 3D glasses to remove the second image.

          ^ Didn't know that.

          Now to work out how to stop my arm from hurting after holding the camera for 2 hours.

          (I'm only kidding)

    This isn't 4d. 4d would be the ability to manipulate time, like pause the movie while you went to the toilet. Our 5 sences are not a dimension. Screw you Hollywood.

      Its a movie, so anything currently being marketed as "3D" is already in 4D. This reminds me of Sensurround from the 1970s, which involved huge sub-bass speakers at the back of the cinema to shake you to death. I saw Midway with it and they just cranked it up during the scenes where aircraft were taking off from the carriers. It was stupid but at least they didn't charge extra for it.

      I'm already completely dissatisfied with the cost of normal movies, I'm not about to spend extra just to increase my disappointment.

    Not on your life. I just spent $20.50 (x2) to watch a movie in 3D because it wasn't offered in 2D. I thoroughly disliked the 3D experience just like I did last time I sat through a 3D movie, but this time I wasn't given the choice to watch 2D. Note to movie studios: feel free to produce movies with whatever flash-in-the-pan / flavour of the month / technology fad you want but please offer the option for people to see the movie in high quality 2D. Great cinematography and high quality production will always win over flash and glam.

      To be honest, why in hell shouldn't we pirate something in 2D if the cinemas are only offering it in 3D to maximise their profits? If there is no legitimate way to get the product you want they're just asking for it.

    I've been to a couple of these in Asia and can safely say 4D is a novelty only. The moving and spraying only works on a few bespoke films and it becomes a bit annoying after a while so you end up covering the sprayer. It's more of a fairground ride not a cinema experience.

    Hahaha, I would definitely give it a shot and then re-evaluate whether it was worth it. They must have some amazing air filters... how would it be possible to remove one smell to spread the next? Also, back-ticklers??? Is that for when the Hulk smashes villains into the ground?

    *watching Holocaust doco in cinema*
    Ahh, so that's what nerve gas sme- *flump*

    4D at Movie world hurt like a mofo. If you want snapped necks and sore backs, then yes 4D is worth it.

    Not paying money to have chemical sprayed in my face.

    Not necessarily 4D though i did See "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" in Japan and the fancy cinema I went to piped in a chocolate smell into the room when they were inside the factory. It was a great experience. Though don't really see the need for 4D stuff.. Just bring in VR movies where we can play a character in the movie.
    I want to get my Web Swinging on already.

    3D isn't worth it, 4D hmmm, no

    Just imagine watching a Bollywood movie... The smells you'd pick up! LOL.

      Wow, that's just ...
      I mean ....
      You're an idiot.

    "Would You Pay Extra To Watch 4D Movies?"
    Hell no.
    I don't pay extra to watch 3D, no way I'd waste my time or money on "4D" (Why the hell do they call it 4D anyway?) It's just the old Sensurround rehashed again. Never bothered with it then, no diff now.

    I guess they have to add more immersive elements because the movies are getting crappier and they need to add distractions.

    Don't get me started on ostracizing epileptics (who already have problems with 3D movies) and others who get sick with the 3D.

    I saw "Honey I Shrunk the Audience" at universal studios nearly 20 years ago, which was 3D and had water misters and air jets that made it like a dog was shaking itself dry over you and rats running between your legs. It was fun but its a gimmick i don't think its worth it. I have not seen a 3D movie since then and don't really intend to esp not paying more for it, 2D movies are already to expensive (down to 3 or 4 trips to the cinema a year now due to cost)

    No,.... no i wouldn't lol

    I thought the fourth dimension was time? So unless this cinema is going to enable me to go forwards and backwards in time, it is not 4D, it is scratch and sniff. I would pay for proper 4D though!

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